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Kid-Drop: The Startup Dragon's Den Couldn't Resist!

August 15, 2023

Join host Ian Bergman on AlchemistX Innovators Inside Podcast as he delves into Julieta Miranda's journey from El Salvador to launching her revolutionary startup, Kid-Drop. The energy ramps up as Julieta shares her exhilarating experience on Dragon's Den, which became the springboard for a significant investment in her startup

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E.39 - Amanda Goltz: I Volunteer

December 16, 2022

"What I'd like to do is leave a playbook, a set of three or four unimpeachable examples... of openings – portals into opportunities where the incentives of all the players are aligned and where the benefit was significant, unique, and inarguable." - Amanda Goltz

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E.37 - Carolyn O'Hare: Organic Growth

September 16, 2022

"Try your best to drop ego early and be ready to have all of your preconceived notions and all of your ideas questioned constantly and be willing to listen to the questions to find which ones are worth keeping and worth throwing away." - Carolyn O'Hare

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