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Alchemist has dedicated tracks to support startups in the areas below. Tracks generally have a chair to set the vision, dedicated programming and thought leadership, and an increased effort to source industry-renowned mentors and coaches. However, please know that Alchemist is sector-agnostic at its core. And in fact, Alchemist loves companies that defy categorization. All startups are encouraged to apply.

Industrial IoT

Alchemist’s dedicated IoT faculty and network supports companies building a more precise planet.

Whether your approach is vertical - helping a specific industry connect machines to each other - or horizontal - helping multiple industries make sense of the data created by a networked industrial world - Alchemist is eager to support you on our IoT Track.

FinTech / Cybersecurity

Many Alchemist companies are already building the future of finance - helping businesses and people transact like never before.

Whether your solution is hardware, software, or a combination, Alchemist’s dedicated FinTech backers and community can give a special advantage to your business.

Climate Tech

Certain leading Alchemist investors and backers have a special interest in collaboration and the future of work.

If your startup is changing the world in these areas, then you can take special advantage of these investors and resources to build your business.

Digital Health

Health care is the most important - and complex - industry in the world. Alchemist knows that the complexity, regulation, and stakes of digital health solutions are among the highest of any enterprise solutions.

Our dedicated network of digital health investors, mentors, and alumni helps founders navigate the longer sales cycles and other challenges of health care.


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Catered Options to Fit Your Corporate Innovation or Government Strategy

Alchemist Accelerator Funds
  • Seed external founders working in your strategic verticals
  • Inside track for exclusive follow-on opportunities
  • A seat around the table with peer backers on the cutting-edge of enterprise innovation
Technology Innovation Council
  • Receive insights and introductions to external founders sourced through the Alchemist network
  • Access to exclusive events sponsored by our limited partners
  • Support your portfolio companies with the Alchemist network
  • Catalyze your corporate internal innovation using startup methodology
  • Run a white-labeled accelerator for your intrapreneurs, tailored to your specific requirements
  • Expose your portfolio to the inner-workings of Silicon Valley remotely or in-person

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