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Alchemist Doha

New pre-seed fund for distinctive tech entrepreneurs in emerging markets

Leveraging Alchemist's global network and support programs, Alchemist Doha will identify and invest in the most promising founders with compelling products and early market traction. Alchemist Doha is uniquely positioned to deeply integrate founders with Qatar's local innovation ecosystem, including providing a launchpad to global expansion.

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In partnership with QRDI

QRDI Council is committed to building a dynamic RDI ecosystem in Qatar, in alignment with QRDI 2030 Strategy and Qatar National Development Strategy. Alchemist is excited to partner with QRDI with the vision of launching a program for tech entrepreneurs in MENA and emerging markets that includes helping them build solid, sustainable roots here in Doha. This partnership will contribute to the emergence of future global tech leaders and new tech industries based in Qatar.

QRDI Logo_webAbout QRDI

The Council’s first mission was to develop a national strategy to optimize RDI activities and help realize the country’s overarching goals and ambitions. The Council accomplished this mission at the end of 2019, having drafted the Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation Strategy 2030. The Council brings together prominent national and international figures from across government, industry and academia and draws on the wealth of knowledge and expertise from individuals of varied disciplines.

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