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with Chenny Xia

Chenny reveals the strategies behind balancing diverse stakeholder needs, scaling Gotcare’s impact, and staying focused on the mission amidst competing demands. She also reflects on her community leadership journey and how her passion for social entrepreneurship fuels both her business and advocacy work.

Strategic Growth and Financial Insights for Startups with Rita Kim

In this episode, Ian and Rita dive into the nuances of financial strategy and entrepreneurship.

Empowering Startups: The Financial Modeling Revolution with Logan Burchett, Co-Founder at Forecastr

In this episode, Ian sits down with Logan Burchett, co-founder and COO of Forecastr, to explore the transformative impact of financial modeling on the startup ecosystem.

About AlchemistX:
Innovators Inside

What is new in Corporate Innovation, and why is it so hard?
Join us for a series of interviews with thought leaders and high achievers in Corporate Innovation. Through intimate conversations with host Ian Bergman, we explore what makes Corporate Innovation so hard. Guests range from established stars to the most exciting up-and-comers. Innovators Inside is a must-listen for anyone trying to instill a culture of curiosity into a large corporation.

Ian Bergman Avatar
Ian Bergman
Podcast Host,
Managing Director AlchemistX
As a self-described general-purpose nerd and corporate innovation agitator, Ian loves working at the intersection of emerging tech startups and the innovation needs of established organizations.
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Mercedes Fawns
Mercedes Fawns
Marketing Manager,
Mercedes has been working as a writer, editor, and communications professional for nearly 10 years and brings a passion for words and communicating the human experience into the digital marketing space.
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Model Silicon Valley’s culture of innovation by working with top-tier teams and mentors to build a program that aligns with your goals.

AlchemistX is the corporate innovation and government services division of Alchemist Accelerator. We partner with industry leaders and forward-thinking governments to engage with and support the world’s best entrepreneurs and innovation concepts. AlchemistX’s customized acceleration, market entry, intrapraneurship and venture incubation programs are built on the methods, knowledge and network that have supported successful Alchemist founders for over a decade.

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