AlchemistX helps global entrepreneurs evaluate and prepare for the opportunity to expand internationally, and runs focused programs for startups evaluating and entering the North American market in three phases: 

Market Entry: Phase 1

Global Market Entry Readiness

A 6-week program to help startups globally prioritize and prepare for new market entry. Startups will gain confidence in knowing whether to expand outside their domestic market and where the first point of entry should be. 

Week 0 – Readiness diagnostic, ID gaps, document goals
Week 1 – Global assessment & prioritization, high-level plan 
Weeks 3-6 – Upskilling & early discovery


  • Understand readiness to expand into new markets
  • Plan to fill gaps
  • Identify goals for expansion
  • Prioritize new markets based on goals and readiness

Market Entry: Phase 2

North America Market Testing

A structured, two-phase program to help early-stage technology companies evaluate their company's fit for the North American market, decide whether or not to enter the market, and build early customer and investor traction.


  • Data-backed decision on whether or not to enter the U.S. Market
  • Initial customer traction in the U.S.  

Market Entry: Phase 3

North America Market Entry

Startups will formulate a plan and gain initial traction on market entry. 

Silicon Valley Immersion

1-2 week intensive programs that immerse international startups in the methods, energy and ecosystem of Silicon Valley. 


  • Energized founders
  • New connections
  • New ideas
  • Potential investment


Ecosystem Incubation & Acceleration

Custom Alchemist incubation and acceleration programs to build entrepreneur capacity and ecosystem at home. 


  • Build founder capacity in your region
  • Create global-scale ventures
  • Attract top regional and global talent
  • Bridge to Silicon Valley


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