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Unveiling Exceptional Japanese Startups at the JETRO GSAP 2023 Showcase

Published on 
December 20, 2023

Join us on January 17, 2024, as the Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) and AlchemistX unveil a lineup of exceptional Japanese startups graduating from the Global Startup Acceleration Program (GSAP). 


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These top-performing startups have demonstrated potential for successful market entry into the U.S. and seek to bring innovative services and products to North America through investment and partnership opportunities.  

The Japanese entrepreneurial startup scene is often overlooked. “Japanese startups tend to have limited access to global resources,” says Ken Yoshida, Executive Director, JETRO, San Francisco. “This program opens the door for them to go global and become competitive on the global stage.”   

Through GSAP, JETRO works alongside AlchemistX, providing customized market-entry support for the participating companies, opening the door for global expansion. Over the past three months, 13 Japanese startups have conducted intensive customer discovery, speaking with hundreds of prospective clients and partners to understand market and product strategies integral to U.S. expansion. 

“There is something incredible happening in Japan,” says Laurent Rains, Director of Product Management, AlchemistX. “A new generation of entrepreneurs is rising who are far more willing to take risks and have a global vision, yet maintain a deep focus on a tradition of quality.”

The 12-week program equips participants with U.S. market entry strategies and customer discovery, culminating in a showcase attended by a select group of investors who are interested in gaining exposure to the innovation emerging from a new generation of Japanese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. 

Thirteen startups developing solutions across industries, including biotechnology, AI, and manufacturing, have gone through the program and will showcase their company in January 2024. 

Among the selected startups are: 

  • Final Aim – Final Aim uses smart contract functionality to create an easy-to-use solution that can track IP assignment and contract obligations through the design-to-manufacture ecosystem. With solid pilots in Japan and POCs in progress in the U.S., Final Aim has the ability to provide a strong solution that is global by nature.
  • DynaTrek – DynaTrek has conquered over 60% market share with regional banks in Japan through providing best in class data virtualization and integration solutions. They break apart data silos without having to resort to costly data lake solutions. 
  • AssetHub – Two-time founder, Takuya Goto, has created an AI-based service that can quickly turn 2D concept art into easily editable 3D topologies for 1/1000th the cost of existing solutions. His deep industry experience has allowed him to rapidly secure POCs with leading game studios in both the U.S. and Japan.  

This is a tremendous opportunity for investors to meet with innovators who have already demonstrated traction in Japan and are poised for success in the U.S.

“From drones as first responders to eldertech products reducing the risk of falls, these Japanese startups demonstrate the breadth of innovation we see emerging from Japan,” says Laurent. “We think you will see the opportunity they have to address some of our most pressing problems.”

These ventures push the boundaries of creativity and technology. Registration is limited, and we invite you to join us for the opportunity to meet with these startups and see how their products and services can change lives and advance innovation in the U.S. market.

Save the date: JETRO Global Startup Acceleration Program 2024 Showcase
Wednesday, January 17, 2024, at 4 p.m. PST

Reserve your spot and learn more about other participating companies here.





“JETRO hopes to significantly increase investment in startups, create more unicorns, and facilitate the overseas expansion of Japanese ventures. Widening the scope of business and networks for Japan-based startups has been a challenge, and through GSAP and other programs, we aim to reduce those barriers. [Programs like this] will make Japan more competitive on a global scale in terms of innovation and new technologies.” – Ken Yoshida, Executive Director, JETRO San Francisco



“It has been a pleasure to work with the startups from JETRO GSAP.  I have been impressed with the incredible progress made across the teams in tailoring their approach for the U.S. market. Together we were able to select some of the best entrepreneurs based in Japan to undergo a three-month intensive evaluation of their potential to enter the U.S. market. We are excited to share with you the innovative services and products these companies are bringing to North America.” – Laurent Rains, Director of Product Management, AlchemistX

Final Aim

“The GSAP program has been instrumental in our growth, offering unparalleled access to a network of industrial experts, particularly within the U.S. market. Additionally, it has served as a valuable conduit for engaging some of our key potential initial customers, fostering connections that have significantly contributed to our strategic development.” – Yasuhide Yokoi, Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer, Final Aim, Inc. 


“I'm a second-time founder in Japan and would like to start a new business in the U.S. [The program] helps us to understand the way to launch startups in the U.S, such as how to talk with customers, what kinds of targets should be the first segments, and how to pitch effectively to investors. These methods sometimes differ from Japanese standards, and understanding them helped me to connect with several clients and investors.” – Takuya Gato, CEO, AssetHub 


“Participating in the program has helped us articulate more clearly what we are doing in the Japanese market. We've become clearer in expressing what our value is and how it differs from other solutions through repeatedly presenting in the U.S. The fact that other startups participating are also eagerly tackling the U.S. market continuously motivates us. Aiming for overseas markets as a venture is a lonely battle, but having comrades in the fight and the support of JETRO is very reassuring.” – Shinya Saeki, Director, DynaTrek


Global Startup Acceleration Program (GSAP) is an overseas support program for Japanese startups organized by JETRO in cooperation with the Cabinet Office and METI. In this program, world-class accelerators affiliated with JETRO offer six courses. Through the programs implemented for each selected course, participating companies aim to develop global markets and networks.

The goal is to help Japanese startups build strong networks with overseas investors, potential business partners, and other active startups. Additionally, participants will receive support in formulating business plans and marketing promotions aimed at the overseas market. 

About AlchemistX

AlchemistX is the corporate innovation and government services division of Alchemist Accelerator – the leading enterprise-focused accelerator program in the Bay Area. With more than $2.1 billion raised, Alchemist has accelerated hundreds of startups, including Launch Darkly, MoEgage and Rigetti Quantum Computing. 

AlchemistX partners with industry leaders and forward-thinking governments to engage with and support the world’s best entrepreneurs and innovation concepts. Our customized acceleration, market-entry, intrapreneurship, and innovation programs are built on the methods, knowledge, and network that have supported successful Alchemist founders for over a decade. 

About Final Aim

Final Aim focuses on issues in the design and manufacturing industries through blockchain and smart contracts. Specifically, Final Aim enables transparency, traceability, tamper-resistance, and automation of contract management and business processes conducted by designers and manufacturers daily, thereby reducing management costs and risks and allowing them to focus on value creation in their core design and manufacturing business.


DYNATREK is a business intelligence tool designed to enable everyone in a corporation to utilize data. It excels at organizing a 'catalog' of data across diverse in-house systems and cloud services. In Japan, DYNATREK shines in large projects involving complex data structures, especially in financial and energy sectors, making it the top choice among business intelligence products. 

About AssetHub

Offering a service that generates 3D game assets from images for developers of indie games.The distinguishing feature is the ability to create assets in a stylized taste often used in 2.5D games and games with smaller budgets, rather than the photorealistic style typically used in AAA or open-world 3D games.

AlchemistX is the corporate and government services division of Alchemist Accelerator. We partner with industry-leading corporations and governments, take the expertise and tools that have helped make Alchemist startups so successful, and bring them to specialized programs around the world. Alchemist has become a critical hub connecting enterprise founders, VCs, corporations, and mentors.