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E.32 - Jennifer Kim: Roller Coaster

April 14, 2022

“Even in the most high-profile, high-powered companies, positions and titles, everyone is a human.” - Jennifer Kim

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E.31 - Michael Moreno: The Tech Frontier

March 31, 2022

"Artificial intelligence, crypto… they're all technologies that I think that we can be investing in and cultivating for the betterment of humankind." - Michael Moreno

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E. 30 - Peter Bae: Young at Heart

March 17, 2022

"Today, startups are disrupting in a way unbeknownst to them. We are disrupting what we were believing so hard, and what we are trying to keep so hard." - Peter Bae

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E.28 - Neha Sampat: Software Sommelier

February 17, 2022

“Let the technology solve that problem so that people can do things that make their experiences more innovative.” - Neha Sampat

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E.18 - Tiffani Alvidrez: Riding a Unicorn

September 2, 2021

"Government speak is different and government speak is not always interested in learning other languages.I think that fundamentally presents the challenge between government and the tech industry." - Tiffani Alvidrez

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