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Global healthcare workforce shortages are at crisis levels, driven by burnout, shrinking hospital and ministry budgets, and the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic. As a result, patients are going untreated or experiencing delays in care, and healthcare workers’ mental health is suffering.

At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we believe technology-enabled approaches, and startups, can help organizations address workforce issues – but we need your help. The AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce will scale high potential startups focusing on healthcare customers’ most urgent challenge: training, retaining, and deploying their healthcare workforce.

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The AWS Healthcare Accelerator is a virtual four-week technical, business, and mentorship accelerator that will scale high potential startups focusing on the urgent challenge of healthcare burnout, training, retaining, and deploying the healthcare workforce.

The program is unique and allows each participating company to determine its own goals and focus. During the program, companies will benefit from technical and commercial expertise at AWS, which will align with their challenges and objectives.


The accelerator will help startups use cloud technologies from AWS to tackle healthcare’s biggest challenges. Selected startups will work with AWS technical experts to build and grow their cloud-based healthcare solutions.

The program provides participants with:

  • More than 50 hours of custom content sessions, healthcare, business and AWS-specific mentoring
  • AWS computing credits
  • Help from healthcare industry leaders for business models, plans for regulatory pathways, product safety and effectiveness reviews, integrations with electronic health records and other clinical information systems, and preparations for clinical deployment
  • Collaboration opportunities with AWS healthcare customers and members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) looking for healthcare solutions
  • Access to the AWS, AlchemistX, and Plexal global networks to build connections to meet an eventual goal of gaining pilots and partnerships

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator is delivered by AlchemistX in the U.S. and Plexal in EMEA. AlchemistX, part of industry-leading Alchemist Accelerator, identifies, incubates, accelerates, and scales enterprise startups around the world. Plexal is the innovation company that supercharges collaboration.


Meet the Cohorts 

The first global AWS Healthcare Accelerator for Workforce includes:

Americas Cohort 

EMEA Cohort 

Dropstat was built to combat critical healthcare staffing shortages. Dropstat technology uses AI to predict shift needs, and autonomously fills shift gaps with the safest, most cost-efficient staff member available.
At Grapefruit Health we are addressing the massive staffing shortage in healthcare by creating the first national workforce composed completely of clinical students (i.e. social work, pharmacy, pre-med, nursing, etc.). We recruit, train, and manage these students to perform work on behalf of healthcare organizations remotely through our proprietary software.

Kare Mobile Inc. is a dental service organization focused on innovation in a direct-to-consumer oral care delivery model. Our proprietary technology and systems were designed to eradicate dental deserts and establish a more equitable oral healthcare model for the world.

Momo Medical helps nurses answer the question: Who needs me? We do that by placing our patented internet-connected bed sensor underneath all nursing homes resident’s beds. Momo’s app lets nurses track who gets out of bed, activity level, and liveliness to prevent fall injuries and bedsores.
Mytonomy brings the power of evidence-based content streaming together with deep engagement that is provider-enabled, patient-centric and consumer-forward across the entire patient journey. Mytonomy’s Cloud for Healthcare solution was named Best SaaS Platform for Healthcare in 2022 and integrates with most major EHR and CRM systems to help increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve risk mitigation.
Navenio’s patented infrastructure-free (no beacons) indoor location tracking gets the right person to the right place at the right time to keep care flowing. Unlocking a 2-3x improvement  in the number of tasks completed by hospital staff, thereby improving bottom-line, patient experience and staff retention.
PathologyWatch uses a combination of image deep learning research and molecular testing to predict the trajectory of skin cancer. The company expects to make cancer diagnostics and prognostics faster, cheaper, and more accurate over time.
Rose Health is a digital mental health platform that leverages deep tech and deep science for the early detection and intervention of depression and mood disorders. Once the patient is identified, Rose deploys 7 in-house algorithms to frictionlessly move the patient from early identification to intervention and sustained remission.
RxPlace is the marketplace for drugs, bringing transparency and efficiency to drug procurement. RxPlace delivers a frictionless purchasing experience for pharmacists, so they can focus on clinical responsibilities and spend more time with patients.
SQUID’s Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) SaaS mobile platform improves patient outcomes, nursing efficiency and morale and saves hospitals millions of dollars each year by integrating data, automating workflows and delivering real-time information related to medical equipment utilization and associated tasks to clinical and administrative decision makers.
Supportiv provides on-demand peer-to-peer mental, emotional, and social support chats (24/7, no appointment needed, 100% anonymous). Supportiv addresses common workforce challenges like burnout, stress, parenting, anxiety, depression and loneliness to offer comfort and boost mood, focus and motivation.
The TeleDentists is transforming the way people treat urgent oral and dental problems. Our first-to-market virtual care solution for tele-dentistry creates an improved way to access care, providing essential dental services 24/7/365 wherever a dentist is needed. Using a secure telehealth platform, The TeleDentists offers video consultations with a dentist to educate, palliate, and triage patients.
Babblevoice is a popular cloud-hosted telephony system built specifically for GP surgeries. It is simple to use, yet meets the complex needs of today’s GP practices and PCNs. Babblevoice excels in areas such as cost-effectiveness, line capacity, flexibility, remote working, and real-time reporting. The software seamlessly integrates with clinical software with no minimum contract terms or exit fees. Babblevoice only serves primary care practices, patients and staff. The telephony system’s functionality is inspired by real people and real issues in primary care, and developed to provide solutions to real problems. Functionality that includes panic buttons, critical care list management, triage, prescription services, and much more.
Compassly helps clinical leaders easily assess the skills of their teams live on a mobile device. It eliminates time wasted on paper assessments and gives strong evidence of safe patient care to clinical leaders. By supporting a consistently high standard of professional development, it helps with staff motivation and retention, and the simple reporting allows optimal clinical workforce deployment.
Founded in 2016 by clinician Dr Taz Aldawoud to address the workforce crisis in the NHS, Doc Abode provides workforce management scheduling software to improve the productivity of existing NHS teams and then extend the capacity of the NHS workforce by enabling cross team/dept/provider working.
eConsult Health is the UK’s largest digital triage provider, supporting over 1 million online consultations a month for the NHS and available to 26 million patients. Our products cover both Primary care and Secondary care (Urgent and Emergency Care as well as Outpatients) and are developed by working NHS clinicians with the aim of enhancing patient access, improving efficiency and signposting patients to the right place at the right time for their care.
Florence builds the technology to power the healthcare workforce with a platform that helps care providers build a flexible workforce and train and develop their staff.
Hypercare is a mobile, secure, and comprehensive suite of digital healthcare collaboration tools to connect healthcare providers with one another at the right time for critical communications. Replacing legacy systems like pagers, switchboards, on-call lists, and paper-based task lists with a seamless platform that clinicians can use on their phones or computer, Hypercare increases communication during crucial moments in healthcare delivery.
InformMe enables inclusive digital patient communication on your own smartphone without any installation - from anamnesis forms, explanatory videos to treatment contracts. Having better-informed patients, no need of paper and features like patient guiding, the clinical workflow is drastically improved, staff workload is reduced and paper-related costs in medical institutions are saved.
DORIS care (Data-Orientated Responsive Intervention System) is delivering peace of mind for Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs), their families and care providers. Discreetly monitor activity patterns and receive alerts to changes in daily routines that could indicate a fall or illness. Placed on a kitchen shelf, the DORIS care digital sensor automatically relays insights and triggers email alerts without user interaction. This intelligent remote monitoring solution also enables care providers and social workers to detect potential cases of fuel poverty, damp and mould risk without needing installation, Wi-Fi, phone lines, mobile phone signal or mains power.
NHUB is the virtual reality healthcare training suite co-curated with industry experts and healthcare professionals allowing the sector to gain more return on investment from their learning and development spending. MOONHUB is a holistic, deeply engaging approach, aimed at developing a highly-efficient workforce. MOONHUB has partnered with Leeds Beckett University Professor of Dementia Studies and Director of the Centre for Dementia Research Claire Surr to launch ELARA’s first masterclass training subject, approved and accredited by the CPD, backed by Care England and endorsed by Skills for Care: Dementia Care. MOONHUB has worked with care homes across the UK to deliver VR training, with 5 new health and social care VR training titles set to launch by the end of 2023.
Proximie is a software platform that allows clinicians to virtually ‘scrub in’ to any operating room or cath lab, from anywhere in the world. Proximie enables surgical teams to improve performance in several ways; from efficient training, to improving service efficiency, to helping surgical teams deliver safer treatment to the patients in their care. It enables immersive, impactful, immediate, global and secure real-time collaboration, and every procedure can be recorded and analysed.
Visionable harnesses the power of technology to deliver critical care to patients with greater speed and efficiency. Established in 2015, Visionable has a strong track record of delivering improvements in healthcare settings, with an overall mission of making healthcare equitable for all.

To learn more about each startup, visit: Startups Lookbook

Industry Leaders 


The program will also bring in healthcare industry leaders to collaborate with startups to define business models, plan for regulatory pathways, validate their product for safety and effectiveness, integrate with electronic health records and other clinical information systems, and prepare for deployment in clinical settings. This enables startup teams to have a deeper understanding of the industry and to help tailor their solutions to customer needs.

Healthcare organizations are joining AWS in this accelerator as Healthcare subject matter experts, delivering mentorship and content relevant to their needs and location.

  • Applications

    Applications Open

    November 16, 2022
  • Applications Close

    Applications Close

    January 8, 2023 (11:59 PM PST )
  • Startups Notified

    January 27, 2023
  • Pitch Day Finals

    Pitch Day Finals

    February 2023
  • Final Cohort Selected

    Final Cohorts Selected

    February 2023
  • Week Zero

    Week Zero

    April 2023
  • AWS Healthcare Accelerator Begins

    AWS Healthcare Accelerator Begins

    April - May 2023
  • final-cohort

    Demo Day

    Summer 2023

Who should apply?


Training Workforce

This includes innovation that makes learning more interesting and customised in areas including Continuous Professional Development and enabling rapid upskilling of digital skills across the workforce. Eligible solutions can include leveraging technology such as machine learning for customised learning and rapid assessment, VR/AR simulation training for healthcare, and enablement training for new ways of working.
Networking and Collaboration

Retaining Workforce

This includes innovation focused on reducing individual workloads and burnout by removing friction in day-to-day processes and systems, empowering new ways of working, and support in areas such as wellbeing and flexible working. Eligible solutions can include leveraging technology to streamline clinical workflows, automation of repetitive or routine tasks, upskilling existing roles, reducing documentation burden, and outsourcing of basic tasks to AI-enabled solutions. 

Deploying Workforce

This includes technologies that support the move to new ways of working in healthcare within virtual wards, community settings, and home care settings. Eligible solutions can include information exchange, remote solutions, and interoperability to safely deploy a mobile workforce at the point of care, as well as patient-empowering collaborative tools that reduce unnecessary and repetitive tasks. 

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce is open to all solutions addressing clinical and healthcare worker burnout, retention, training, deployment, workflow, and increasing access to quality healthcare. Startups from across the globe with a validated solution, existing customers and revenue, and that use or seek to use AWS to help solve the biggest challenges in healthcare workforce will be considered to participate in the 2023 global cohorts.

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The mission of the AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce is to cultivate and promote a diverse cohort of startups that seek to address the workforce challenges in healthcare. 

We aim to help startups with demonstrated commercial traction—in terms of revenue and the potential to scale in the healthcare industry—accelerate their impact, access additional resources, and expand their reach.

Our program is unique and allows each participating company to determine its own goals and focus. During the program, companies will benefit from technical and commercial expertise at AWS, which will align with their challenges and objectives. Evidence shows that many groups are under-represented in founding and scaling health technology companies.

At AWS, we welcome applications from founders of all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds, who in turn reflect the diversity of people within and served by health and care systems.




John Robbins, Founder


The accelerator, supported/facilitated by the AlchemistX team was one of the most professionally managed and content-rich programs that we’ve participated in yet. The workshops, covering a range of topics pertinent for business growth, were informative. The one-on-one sessions with the workshop leaders addressed our unique situation, and the weekly mentoring check-ins with AlchemistX propelled us towards success!

Jennifer Blumenthal,
Co Founder & CEO


The AWS Healthcare Accelerator was such a great experience. The program, the people, and the doors opened for us had a huge impact on OneRecord's trajectory over the past year. Demo Day to Acquisition in one year is pretty amazing.

Scott Tees,

Decode Cyber Solutions

From my perspective, I found it [Cyber Runway, an innovation accelerator delivered by Plexal, funded by UK Government] extremely beneficial to listen and learn from the experiences of individuals that have been through the various challenges and successes, which many of us face. The advice provided was excellent and the networking and connections made were invaluable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will applications to the AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce be judged?


AWS will judge applications on several factors, including the innovation, the overall value the solution will bring to the industry, the creative application of AWS to solve problems, and the team’s ability to deliver on an identified opportunity.

How many participants will be selected for each cohort in the U.S. and EMEA?


The AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce is a single program with two delivery regions, one in the U.S. and one in EMEA, each with a cohort of 10 startups selected to participate.

Regardless of delivery region, both programs will be delivered over the same period, sharing common content. Each will have a region-specific approach for specific topics in cohort programming, including regulatory compliance and go to market strategy. Startup will be able to choose which delivery region they wish to join, depending on their go to market target country and/or preferred time zone for attendance.

What is the application process?


Startups can submit applications online from 16 November 2022 to 8 January 2023. AWS, AlchemistX and Plexal will review applications, conduct pitch day finals and notify the 10 winners for each cohort in February 2023.

What does the accelerator provide selected participants?


Selected startups will receive up to $25,000 USD of AWS promotional credits, as well as technical, business, and go to market mentorship from AWS healthcare experts. The program will also identify collaboration opportunities with AWS healthcare customers and members of the APN looking for healthcare solutions.

This program is unique and allows each participating company to determine its own goals and focus. During the program, companies will benefit from technical and commercial expertise at AWS, which will align with their challenges and objectives.

After the accelerator concludes, AWS, AlchemistX, and Plexal will curate, for each cohort, a virtual demo day to showcase the participating companies and solutions developed to key stakeholders in the healthcare industry to drive partnership and customer growth.

What are the requirements to participate?


The AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce is open to startups with solutions addressing clinical and healthcare worker burnout, retention, training, deployment, and workflow.

We are searching for startups from across the globe whose strategic focus is either the U.S. or EMEA healthcare market segments. We welcome companies at all stages, from growth stage to series C and beyond. AWS does not require equity or financial obligations to participate.

The accelerator is open to any stage company that meets the following criteria:

• Has a validated solution, existing customers and revenue.
• Focuses on healthcare solutions or whose existing solution from another industry is applicable to the healthcare needs described in the call for applications.
• Has an AWS account, in the process of moving to AWS or considering a migration to AWS.
• Can commit to 15 hours per week during EACH week of the four-week accelerator program, including both live virtual sessions and weekly 1:1 business and technical mentoring.
• Is fluent in English and able to join video conference events, primarily held during U.S. or European business hours.

Can I apply to join both U.S. and EMEA cohorts?


If your business is targeting both regions as part of your growth strategy and you have the resources to expand in both regions then you are welcome to apply to both. You will be assessed independently in each region’s selection process. Applying to both regions does not increase your chances of being selected, and you will be asked to explain why you are applying to both.

Who do I contact with questions?


For questions about the application or program, contact for US and EMEA inquiries. 

Contact if you would like to get involved as a speaker or corporate partner. 

Who are the Healthcare subject matter experts?


Healthcare industry leaders are joining AWS as subject matter experts, delivering mentorship and content relevant to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the industry and help participants tailor solutions to customer needs.

Participating organizations include:

• Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
• The American Hospital Association (AHA)
• NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire
• Northern Care Alliance
• The Clinical Advanced Technologies Initiative (CATI) 
• Mass General Brigham
• The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)
• Royal Papworth Hospital

We already used AWS Activate credits. Are we eligible for the $25,000 USD promotional credits?


Yes. All startups admitted into the AWS Healthcare Accelerator will be given the promotional credits.

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